Younger Toddlers (12 + months)

Our Younger Toddler Program focuses on active exploration and hands on learning activities to help your child gain independence while promoting confidence.

  • Encourage social growth with a morning and afternoon circle time that incudes songs, stories, puppets, music and dancing.
  • Creativiity with color and texture.  Our Toddlers participate in art and texture play everyday!  We color, paint and create using everything from cottonballs, chunky paint brushes to stamps.
  • Your child will be challenged and entertained, with a variety of puzzles, blocks, books, a dramatic play area and large muscle climbers.
  • Our main goal is to keep your child safe and happy.  We just work extra hard to have fun while doing it. Our teachers work with each family and make sure their child's needs are being met and communication is in place.
  • Your child receives Daily Record Sheets telling you about your childs eating, sleeping and diapering.

Older Toddlers (24+ months)

Our Older Toddler Room strives to create experiences that are active, sensory-based and meaningful.  Our teachers guide your child through age-appropriate activities to improve coordination and increase verbal and problem solving skills. 

  • In our Older Toddler Room each child participates in large and small group activities that involve recognizing and forming letters, reading, puzzles, construction projects, art, dramatic play, numbers and colors.
  • Daily Circle Time with musical instruments, puppets, calendar, weather and plenty of songs.
  • Our curriculum provides a balanced education for your child as we introduce them to learning centers in the Older Toddler classroom.
  • Toilet Training-when your child begins to show an interest, and has the verbal skills necessary to express thier bathroom needs, we will work together with the child and parent to guide the child through this experience.
  • Daily Record Sheet is completed to keep parents aware of thier child's eating, sleeping and diapering/toilet use each day.