After moving in June 2013, we were very concerned about what and where to send our two kids (infant and 3yo). We visited a couple of the local daycares in South Lyon but wanted to check out Rosebrook since it was not to far from one of our workplaces. The Rosebrook staff was courteous & informed, the facility was welcoming & clean, and all in all it just seemed genuine. So we decided to give it a shot. Our 3yo is now in Kindergarten and we couldn’t have been happier with his progression as the staff prepared him for entering school. And that once infant is almost 3 and doing great in each of his “classes” as well. We are so happy we made this decision almost two years ago and have never looked back.
— Joe & Cheryl Muck
Rosebrook has been a wonderful place for our daughter to learn and grow! She has attended Rosebrook for the past three years starting with beginning preschool and currently in pre-k. The teachers at Rosebrook create a nurturing environment where children can learn and have fun. Our daughter has enjoyed the huge playground and many enrichment activities Rosebrook offers including field trips, dance class and guest programs at the school. The staff at Rosebrook is extremely flexible and makes every attempt to meet the needs of each child. Rosebrook is an excellent place for kids!
— Meghan and Phil Hodge
Our family loves Rosebrook! Choosing a daycare is such a personal choice and it is hard to find a place and feel comfortable about leaving (and caring for) your children while you are away. I will tell you from personal experience (with 2 kids enrolled) that Rosebrook continues to exceed our expectations. My girls come home after a long day, and have so much to say about what they learned and the activities that they did with their friends. I love seeing how excited they are about going to school, their teachers, their friends! And my favorite is helping my girls hang up all of their artwork around our house! Our family looks forward to the field trips, special guest speakers for the kids’ classes and after school activities. Our family could not be happier to have found such a great place.
— The Knapp Family